Thursday, October 04, 2007


Operating System

Remove operating system if there are 2 choices

Eg Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional

Start>Run... cmd

c: cd\
attrib boot.ini -r -h -s
notepad boot.ini

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Artips for kids


When drawing a still life, it is important that the objects have enough floor space to stand on. Draw in all the lines, circles,an ellipses, in your forms so you can better judge the amount of your space they will need. This will also give your drawing or painting a more convincing look.



Having chosen your viewpoint, start the drawing by plotting all horizontal and vertical lines. Look for the main geomatris shapes and lightly draw them in until you establish the basic composition. Ignore all detail until the main lines are indicated and the drawing has developed its basic format.

Courtesy : Nanyang Art Supplies Sdn. Bhd.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Run, jump, sit-up, push-up blah...blah...blah

My post today is for all of you, especially the sportspersons. These are to keep your sports injury slate clean or prevent a recurrence if you have injured before
Some of the tips are:

- Keep your feet as flat as possible during stretches to avoid twisting your knees
- Practice safe landing when you jump; always land with your knees bent
- Warm up before vigorous exercises like running, and even before les vigorous ones like golfing
- Always do warm up stretching exercises before high-impact sports. Target the Achilles tendon, hamstring and quadriceps areas, stretch and hold.
- Cool down when you’ve done. For instance after running on the treadmill, slow down to a walk for about five minutes. Let your pulse come down gradually and your breathing steady before coming to a full stop
- Wear the right shoes for the right sport. Make sure they fit you nice and snug. Get one that provides shock absorption, stability is advised especially if you are doing vigorous sports.
- Avoid bending knees past 90o when doing knee bends
- Avoid running on hard surface like concrete or asphalt. They could be detrimental to your knee and ankle joints. Run on flat surface too, as sprinting uphill increases stress on your legs and Achilles tendon

I think that’ll for now. If you have other tips leave it in Comments

Monday, March 12, 2007


Sending email...

Long time no C...
I have a good tips today...

Send emails from anyone to anyone - simply magic

Yes! you can actually send emails from anyone to anyone! You can send emails to people from their own email address and you won't have to break into their email address account. It's actually very simple, and I'm going to tell you how it's done. Be aware that this is not exactly legal. I'm just saying that it's's not don't encourage you to do it. The person that you are sending emails to.....will receive it from the email that you want it to receive.There is a function in PHP....the mail function. That is used to send e-mails to the people on your site. In order for PHP to work on your computer, you need a Apache server...which can be set up by downloading XAMPP (that is very easy to install). Install xampp fom the folowing link: .Then, in order to send a E-mail, you must create a PHP file exactly like this:

< ?php$to = "";
$subject = "The subject of the message";
$message = "The message you want to send.";
$from = "someone@domain
$headers = "From: $from";
echo "Your E-mail Has been sent to ".$to." from ".$from;? >

You just need to modify the content between the quotes of


And your mail is ready!After you run it, you will see a message that says:
Your E-mail Has been sent to recipient_mail from sender_email
Save the file and run it. You can test by sending an e-mail from yourself.
But be aware! sending emails to people from false email addresses is not legal!
I do not encourage you to do this! I'm just saying that it's possible and I'm telling you how the e-mail function works in PHP.

Thanks 4 reading,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Tips for today

Keep it small

If you're planning to get a compact camera, there's one golden rule you should always adhere to: make sure it'll fit into your pockets or handbags. If you need a seperate bag to carry your digicam, you'll definitely be too lazy to pack one whenever you head out. If you're not too fussy about picture quality, get yourself a camera phone instead (make sure it's at least 2-megapixel) and go snapping away.

Quick access to folders

WINDOWS Vista has many new user-interface features - the most clever being the folder shortcut links on all folder windows and open/save dialogue boxes. On all of these windows, there is a bar to the left with a list of your favourite folder links (i.e. Desktop, Computer, Documents, etc). Just click on any of the shortcuts and the current window will open the intended folder. You can remove folder links from this bar by dragging the folder icons from it, or add new ones by dragging a folder into it. And you can even arrange them by dragging them up or down within the bar.

Zoom in and out

If you'd like to temporarily increase the font size on a webpage, there's a shortcut for users of wheel mice. With a webpage displayed, hold down the Ctrl key as you spin the mouse wheel. Spin in the opposite direction to change the font size in the other direction. This trick also works in Microsoft Word and Excel

Back track quickly

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you can quickly see a list of sites that you have visited recently. Press and hold down the Ctrl key and tap the letter H, for History. A history pane will open on the left-hand side of your Explorer window, allowing you to choose from alist of recently visited sites. Press Ctrl+H again to dismiss the History pane. To delete the history, right-click on an entry and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.

That's all.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Doing a successful business

Part of the tips are:
  1. Don't say No, THINK about HOW
  2. When you help the company earn $1.00, that does not mean the company earned $1.00
  3. When you saved $1.00 for the company, then, that means the company earned $1.00

That's all for the day. Adios!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Tips for Internet users

How to clear your cache after each Internet session.

Internet Explorer 6 and above

1. Click Tools at Menu Bar
2. Select Internet Option
3. Click General
4. Select Temporary File
5. Click Delete Files
6. Click OK
7. Click OK again to close the Internet windows

Netscape Navigator 7 and above; Mozilla 1.60 and above

1. Click Edit at Menu Bar
2. Select Preferences
3. Click Advance
4. Select Cache
5. Click on Clear Cache
6. Click OK

Opera 7.23 and above

1. Click File at Menu Bar
2. Select Preferences
3. Select History and Cache
4. Click Empty Now
5. Click OK

Firefox 1.0.2 and above

1. Click Tools at Menu Bar
2. Select Option
3. Click Privacy
4. Click on Clear All
5. Click OK to close the Option Window

That's all. If you have any tips and tricks to share, leave it in Comments

See you then...

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